About Us

Devils Own Tattoos and Piercing studios Limited was established in 2001 by Nathan and Mark (Thrax) and over the years have created a studio environment like no other.

We have always tried pushing the boundaries of the art of tattooing and the image of our Industry.

Here at Devils Own Leicester, we have collected together some of the most talented tattoo artists in the East Midlands, with a passion for custom tattooing that always makes Devils own Tattoos and Piercing Studios the place to get tattoos in Leicester.

There is now over 50 years combined tattooing experience and over the years we have tattooed at various Tattoo Conventions in the UK, set up in LOROS (The last wishes of a lovely lady.), worked backstage at The Download Music Festival in 2007 and have appeared on a series for the Discovery channel along with other numerous TV and radio appearances



Tattoo Artist & Managing Director

Thrax and i started Devils Own Tattoos back in 2000 with the intentions of giving all our customers the very best experience and high quality art work. I started tattooing in 2000 and over the years I have spent a lot of time researching and learning Japanese traditions, myths and artwork. I have a real passion for Neo Traditional Japanese work from bright bold colours to black and grey shade, from sleeve work to full body suits, Nothing is too big!


Tattoo Artist & Director
First picked up a tattoo machine back in October 1997 after discovering the art by drawing tattoo designs for my friends. Inspired by classical artists such as H R Giger, Francis Bacon and Salvador Dali.
I was Initially an apprentice under Lee Bott of Bodytech Tattoos, Leicester.
Heavily inspired by Tattoo masters including Bernie Luther, Jack Rudy, Guy Aitchison  and of cause Paul Booth. I quickly found a passion for black and shade tattoos especially the realism of portraits and the alternate realism of biomechanical tattoos.


Tattoo Artist
I have been a tattoo artist at Devils Own since 2009, after completing my apprenticeship here. After leaving school I spent 10 years in graphic design and screen print, extending my wide range of artistic skills. Since then I have built a portfolio in various styles from dark bold traditional to bright girly floral work, mainly working in traditional colour work but I will take on a wide variety of work, I’m always ready for a challenge!


Tattoo Artist

I have been a tattoo artist at Devils Own since 2012, after completing my apprenticeship here. I love my job and tattooing people for a living. I’ve got an eye for detail and love intricate designs with lots of line work. Black and grey or a good colour piece – I enjoy both! But I like my designs to be unique! I’m a bit of a perfectionist at heart and I always strive for excellence in all my work.



I am the youngest member of the Devils Own Team. I have been brought up in this environment from a young age as my Dad is a tattoo artist. I have gone from helping him out on a Saturday here at Devils Own from 13, to being a full time body piercer. I have a huge passion for body piercing and I am always striving to try new things!