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A blog by Monika one of our amazing customers.

Having had the Devil's Own experience a fair few times now, I decided to take advantage of their newly developed website to share it. First thing that comes to mind when thinking of Devil's Own Tattoos is how professional and experienced the artists in the studio are. I had the pleasure to be drawn on by Paul and pierced by Kirsty and they both are absolute pros. Second thing, is how friendly and relaxed this place is. From the first online enquiry the desk staff have always been professional and helpful with discussing ideas, advice on placement and any risk of it not working quite as I imagined. Especially with finger designs, I definitely wasn't aware of how tricky they can be until I had a chat with Dan. Now I have had two pieces done and love them both. Without going into too much detail, I had new tattoos done at the studio as well as some old ones reworked, and each time it had been a positive experience. They were patient when I changed my designs, I felt involved in the design process and looked after during the session. The aftercare tips and products they offer are very good. All of my Devil's pieces healed without any problems. Paul is a great artist, I love his style and he's just such a nice guy. Every session I had with him was very relaxed, not rushed and as pleasant as it was painful 😉. I am in the process of getting some new holes here and there and as soon as this craziness that this lockdown is finishes, I will be booking my next appointment with Kirsty. And I have to admit I cannot wait. She has some great ideas and I can't wait to have it all done. We had a chat, we had a laugh, we had breaks as often as I needed. She talked me through what she was doing each time and that made the whole process so much easier to handle, especially the tunnel, which I must admit was the most challenging to date. This is also where Kirsty's experience shows, I went with her advice and we stretched it to 4ml for now, it didn't tear and healed really well. The aftercare advice and products, again as with the tattoos, are great. And finally, even in these strange times of a global pandemic and lockdowns, Devil's Own Tattoos did not lose any of their unique character while staying Covid secure. On top of their usual high cleanliness standard, they have made some changes to adhere to the new safety guidelines, and it works. I would recommend this place every time and will be definitely coming back for more.
A huge thanks to Monika if you would like to share your Experience get writing and send it to the studio email.

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