Easypiercing saline solution -50ml

Easypiercing saline solution -50ml

Intended for the daily rinsing of the piercing. Easypiercing® saline solution optimizes the hydration of the wound.


 Its specific formula has a comforting effect reducing itches and irritations
It does not stick or stain
Formulated under strict pharmaceutical and dermatological supervision – view the 48h skin compatibility 
Thanks to its specific diffuser, it is pulverized in a micro particle form offering a great effect in a unique dose.
solution is packed in an innovative vacuum bottle. It will maintain sterile for up to to 29 months after first use.
Vegan friendly

CPNP notification (new 2013 regulation) n°1386289 – view the PDF
Of course all Easypiercing® products are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS



To bring to you a maximum of security in the high range of our products, all of our industrial partners are certified:

AFSSAPS (agence française de sécurité sanitaire des produits de santé)
FDA (food and drug administration) – view the FDS-120102-SOL-ANT-UK.pdf
ISO (international organization for standardization)


Further more, MBA brings to you numerous guarantees thanks to:

The statutory correspondence of all of our products (conformity 2013-1223/2008)

The implementation of a quality process ISO 13485
Specific and innovative formulations

A manufacturing process under pharmaceutical and dermatological control of compulsory standards: EN1040, EN1275, EN1276, CE labeling, biocide, fungicide, bactericide
Secure, innovative and exclusive packaging

That’s why today more than  40 countries in the world trust us and appreciate the quality of our products.