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A Brief history of devils own

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Devils Own Tattoos was created in 2000 by Nathan and Mark (Thrax) with a view to changing the traditional view of tattoo studios by creating a open, relaxed and creative environment, for like minded people to come and talk tattoos. In 2002 we were ready to make the huge change, by becoming on of the first studios in the country to only take on custom tattoos, making everything we did as unique as our clients. Over the years we have taken part in various tattoo conventions and in 2007 we tattooed back stage at the download festival, tattooing some of the biggest rock band on the planet. We have taken part in programs on the discovery Chanel, as well as numerous tv and radio performances. Over the last 20 years we have have been lucky enough to work with some amazing artists, clients and train some amazing apprentices into talented artists, becoming more than just employees becoming our family. This brings us up to our current team, total dedication to not only to tattoos but to each other and our clients it is truly humbling. Between them they introduced the "devils owners" which truly embraces everything.

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